Results of matching "SMD-RM" filter criteria: a total of 9 models

SMD Bobbin


Model title Spec. Material Row pitch Pin Pitch Spec. Sample Application
SMD-RM-0501 RM5(4+4P)-1S LCP-E4008 16.00mm 3.81mm
SMD-RM-0501-1 RM5(4+4P)-1S LCP-E4008 16.60mm 3.81mm
SMD-RM-0502 RM5(4+4P)-1S PM9630 15.20mm 3.75mm
SMD-RM-0601 RM6(4+4P)-1S PM9630 14.70mm 3.80mm
SMD-RM-0602 RM6(4+4P)-2S PM9630 14.70mm 3.80mm
SMD-RM-0603 RM6(4+4P)-1S LCP-E4008 18.00mm -
SMD-RM MORE - - - -
SMD-RM-0603-1 RM6(4+4P)-2S LCP-E4008 18.00mm -
SMD-RM-0603-2 RM6(4+4P)-1S PM9630 17.80mm -

* The above product parameters are for reference only, please refer to the technical specifications for detailed technical parameters

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