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Encapsulated Transformer


Model title Input voltage(V) Output voltage(V) Output current(mA) No load voltage(V) Ambient temperature (℃) Certificate Spec. Sample Application
FAUI391349 2*115V 2*6.0V 2*1500mA 2*7.4V ta40°C UL CQC VDE
FAUI391350 2*115V 2*9.0V 2*1000mA 2*11.0V ta40°C UL CQC VDE
FAUI391351 2*115V 2*12.0V 2*750mA 2*14.7V ta40°C UL CQC VDE
FAUI391352 2*115V 2*15.0V 2*600mA 2*18.3V ta40°C UL CQC VDE
FAUI391353 2*115V 2*18.0V 2*500mA 2*22.0V ta40°C UL CQC VDE
FAUI391354 2*115V 2*24.0V 2*375mA 2*29.4V ta40°C UL CQC VDE
FAUI3913xx 2*115V 6-24V 375-1500mA 7.7-30.6V - -

* The above product parameters are for reference only, please refer to the technical specifications for detailed technical parameters

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