FBH potted metal housing series

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FBH potted metal housing series Filter Models: 1 in total, please see the table below.

Series Rated power(W) Input voltage(V) Output voltage(V) Output current(A) Match the lithium battery packs Protection level Spec. Sample Application
144-250W 220-240V 54.2-54.8V 3-5.2A 13S IP52 -
144W 220-240V 54.2-54.8V 3A 13S IP52
192W 220-240V 54.2-54.8V 4A 13S IP52
250W 220-240V 54.2-54.8V 5.2A 13S IP52

* The above product parameters are for reference only, please refer to the technical specifications for detailed technical parameters

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